Middle School Social Studies ~ Ms. Weilandics

keep calm

      Study Tips

1.  Make academics a focus in your life:  Studying takes time and effort. Get organized, ask for help and put forth effort aimed at improving your study habits now.

2.  If you are struggling, ask for help:  Reach out to your teachers, parents, and/or principal and let them know you need extra help.

3.  Talk about assignments with friends:  Discussing assignments with friends is another great way to study.

4.  Make your own study guide:  One great way to study is to make a list of the important information from a chapter and write it in your own words. Copy down any words that are written in bold or in italics. Look at chapter headings, section headings and review sections at the end of a chapter for other important information to add to your study guide.

5.  Make study cards:  On the front of a note card write the word or idea. On the back, write the definition or important information. Have a friend or parent ask you about the word and/or provide a definition.

6.  Stay organized throughout the year:  Make sure all notebooks and folders are clearly labeled for each subject.  If using a binder, make sure you dedicate a section for EACH subject area.  Don't use the "stuff" method...that is, don't just stuff papers into any folder or any section of your binder.  Take the time to put papers and notes where they belong!

7.  Be prepared for class:  Bring all necessary books, binders, pens, supplies, etc. to class each day. 

8.  Use an agenda/homework/assignment book:  Write down all assignments in whichever book you choose.  Be consistent.  Use the same book every day for writing down your assignments.  If you forget to write down an assignment, use the class web page as a resource! 

9.  Don't wait until the last minute:  Study a little every night instead of cramming late the night before the test. A good night’s sleep helps. Don't wait for the bus ride to school to study for the test!

10.  Select a consistent place to study:  Some people need total quiet while others can study well with music in the background (try classical music). The key is to find a comfortable place and study there regularly, such as the kitchen table, a desk, a favorite chair, bed, etc. Make sure it has adequate lighting and keep all your study supplies in reach.

                   Remember...Studying equals academic success!