8th Grade English Language Arts

Welcome to ELA.  I hope we all have a GREAT year!!!

We finished reading Inside Out and Back Again‚Äč.  The final projects were great.

We have now started To Kill A Mockingbird.  This book is going to be a challenge but I know everyone is up for it.  Be sure to always re-read what we do in class at night.  It will help to clarify things.  

We are beginning to work on a project that will take us the length of the book to complete.  Below, please find the assignment.  I will update it as we read through.

To Kill A Mockingbird Scrapbook Project

This is a novel long project.  Some parts will be completed in class and some will be completed at home.  You will receive a grade for each individual piece as well as a final grade on the entire project.  Some assignments will be partner/group projects and some will be individual projects.  All projects are due on their due date -- late projects will not be accepted.  All projects will specify in the details whether they need to be typed to handwritten.  Neatness, creativity, and accurateness play a vital part of your grade.  Throughout this process, we will be compiling the assignments into a “scrapbook” (your marble notebook).  

Due Date






Individual Project - Make a bookmark for the book.  Include one or more of the following: a quote from chapter 1, a picture of one of the characters that you drew yourself, a map of the town, a scene from chapter 1, or the title & author in creative font.

Can be handwritten -- if done NEATLY.  Started in class.




Group Project - Scout’s first day of school.  In your group, re-enact Scout’s first day of school to be performed in front of the class.  Write speaking parts for each participant.  You only need to write the dialogue and what the “narrator” will read to the class.  Script needs to be typed.  Every group member  will receive the same grade for the written aspect of the project.  Individual grades will be given for the “performance”.

Group 1- Sam, Alex, Alexa, Brianna, Morgan -- During Lunch

(Scout, Walter Cunningham, Atticus, Jem, Calpurnia, Narrator)

Group 2- Joey B., Vinny, Joey T., Kyle -- Before Lunch   

(Scout, Miss Caroline, Walter Cunningham, Narrator)

Group 3- Joey O., Aidan, Matt, Ben -- After Lunch

(Scout, Little Chuck Little, Burris Ewell, Walter Cunningham, Miss Caroline, Narrator)



Describe (in either writing or through a picture) the “game”the kids play in this chapter. At least a paragraph (8-10 sentences)

Must be typed -- if doing the writing.



Compare/Contrast Miss Maudie and Miss Stephanie using the following analogy:

*Miss Maudie is like a __________ (any household object) because…

*Miss Stephanie is like a __________ (something from your refrigerator) because …

This needs to be typed and include pictures.  Think creatively.



Finish the following:

*If I were Jem, I WOULD go back for my pants because …


If I were Jem I WOULD NOT go back for my pants because…

*If I were Dill, instead of saying we were playing strip poker, I would have said…

Can be handwritten --if done NEATLY.  

Can be done on index cards.  Must be separate index cards.

We will attach the index cards in the notebook when they are handed in.



The kids have found many items in the knothole of the tree.  Write a slogan or a jingle for each one.  See Attached.

Can be handwritten -- Must be done in your notebook.



Inference of Boo Radley -- See Attachment for details.  If you have trouble constructing it, please see me.  

Can be handwritten.

We will attach in your notebook when it is handed in.



How and why does the mood of the novel start to change in this chapter? Give at least  3 examples.  Also, answer the question: What is Maycomb’s “usual disease”?



You are  Maycomb reporter and just witnessed first-hand the mad dog event in this chapter.  Write up a news story for the Maycomb Tribune newspaper based on your account of the event.  You may include quotes from any of the characters - remember, you were there so you probably interviewed some of the people on the scene!

Must be typed - It must look like it came out of a newspaper -be creative. Should be at least 2 paragraphs (8-10 sentences each) in length.



Who is the bravest person you know? Why?  What makes this person brave?

Must be typed.  Should be at least 1 paragraph (8-10 sentences) in length.

Part 1 Review

Literary Elements, Figurative Language, & Rhetorical Devices

*Construct the flip book containing the definitions of important terms to know and attach to notebook.  (Hand Out)

*Construct and complete the “Figurative Language Devices  In To Kill A Mockingbird” and attach to notebook. (Hand Out)

*Construct and complete the “Figurative Language & Rhetorical Devices: flipbook and attach to notebook. (Hand Out)

All writing can be handwritten.


Pretend you are Calpurnia.  Write a summary of the day’s events in your journal.  Remember, you are Calpurnia.  Write as she would, using her dialect and slang.  Reflect on all that happened today in your entry.