5th Grade Religion
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HW 4/2: If this assignment was not finished in class please complete it by following these instructions.

Please copy the following questions and answer 
them using full sentences, restating the question. These should be completed on looseleaf and handed in.

Read page 334.
1. What are the three ways the devil tempts Jesus?
2. When is this Gospel typically read?
3. Did Jesus give in to temptation? How did/didn't He?
4. What is Lent a time for us to do? What is it a time of?
5. What does giving something up during Lent remind us of? What does doing good works remind us of?

Read page 336.
1. What is Lent?
2. What does the Church call us to do during Lent?
3. Write down one fact/statement that stood out to each from the sections on Prayer, Fasting & Abstaining, Almsgiving, and Sacraments. (one fact/statement per section)