5th Grade


Welcome December!!!
It is hard to believe I just wrote......Welcome December!!
Where is the time going!!!! The Christmas Pageant and Santa Breakfast is around the corner!!!
In Math we are now moving on to fractions!  After covering all the operations of decimals, we now re named reminders for multiplication and division.......we have the "bunny hop"  and the "flying squirrel"!!!!  Your children will know what this means!!!!   We covered fractions last  year, but of course it is now a little more involved!

Our  theme in our ELA Reading is still Honesty.  All 5 stories in this unit cover integrity and honesty.  We read At the Beach and now will begin Hold the Flag High.

Every week we are lighting our Advent wreath! 
First week....purple candle....HOPE
Second week....purple candle....LOVE
Third Week....pink candle....JOY
Fourth week....purple candle.....Peace

We pray and reflect on what each candle means to us.

It was a great pleasure to meet so many parents at our conferences!  
Thank you again for all your support and cooperation!  

Our Schedule

Monday     Gym  and  Spanish
Tuesday     Technology
Wednesday     Gym
Thursday     Art
Friday     Music

Class Mass   Monday  at  12  noon   
Please join us in prayer!