1st Grade

My name is Pamela Hansen and I am very excited to be the first grade teacher at Our Lady Queen of Apostles! First grade is a very special year where students begin to define themselves. I am excited to see how the students will grow in a positive classroom community full of encouragement, teamwork, friendships, play, and lots of learning! Students will build important reading and writing skills, master lifelong math skills, and assume responsibilities and routines.



In math we are learning how to measure length using nonstandard units. First, we used real objects and cubes. Then, we used the i-Pads.



Mrs. Hansen’s

Classroom News

April 2018
What we are learning:

MathWe are starting Chapter 9. In this chapter we are learning nonstandard units of measurement and telling time to the hour and half hour.

ELA- We are learning to change the “y” to “I” before adding an ending on words.

Writing – We are starting writing our own books based on Laura Numeroff’s book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

Science– We are learning how our 5 senses help us distinguish if things are living or non-living.

Religion- We are learning that the Holy Spirit is always with us, leading and guiding us.



Upcoming dates:


April 24th – Bake Sale (3rd & 5th grade send in snacks)

April 27th – Field Trip to The Long Island Children’s Museum


(Please do not tear pages out of workbooks unless specified.)


Monday April 16th   

Math p. 181-182

Reading comprehension “What Plants Need”

Read for 10 minutes (try to use Raz-Kids 1x a week)


Tuesday April 17th   

Math p. 183-184

Write group 2 words 3x each

Read for 10 minutes


Wednesday April 18th   

Math p. 185-186

Read book from baggie


Thursday April 19th  

Math p. 187-188

Write group 3 and 4 words in 3x each

Spelling test tomorrow

Read for 10 minutes




First Grade Specials


Monday:            Library                    10:10-10:50

Gym                         1:10-1:50



Tuesday:           Tech                         10:10-10:50

Art                           1:10-1:50



Wednesday       Gym                          10:10-10:50


Thursday          Music                        8:50-9:30


Friday               Spanish                     12:30-1:10